Urdvah Mukha Svanasana

Upward facing Dog is one of the most known Yoga postures in the Hatha Yoga tradition, Popular in the Sun Salutations to stretch open the chest and heart and strengthen the wrist and shoulders.

Below is a list of the benefits of this powerful posture :

  • Stimulate the organs of the abdomen.
  • Improve posture, by stretching anterior spine and strengthening posterior spine.
  • Stretch chest and lungs, shoulders and abdomen.
  • Help to relieve depression, fatigue and stress.
  • Increase lung capacity to relieve the symptoms of asthma.

Precautions :

If you have a history of and/or are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome are in the midst of a late stage pregnancy have a serious back injury or slipped disc . Enjoy this powerful pose!