Donate & Help India To Breathe & Fight COVID-19

What is ‘Let India Breathe’?

It is a COVID relief platform initiated by American Academy of Yoga & Meditation that stretches its hand to help India fight this unfortunate surge in the corona cases & win the battle against this pandemic. 

‘The results of Philanthropy are always beyond calculation.’

How does this work?

  • AAYM works directly with various leading physicians and hospitals in India and the USA.
  • Your donation will be used to buy medical supplies from the USA & get those in the hands of hospitals in India earliest possible. 
  • SEVA International is one of our on-ground associations.

• If you donate $5000 or more then AAYM can give you an option to route covid relief medical supplies to a targeted city or hospital of your choice.
• If you are willing to donate $1000, you will be eligible for special AAYM events and programs.

Your support in our campaign ‘Let India Breathe’ will save lives, provide oxygen, medical concentrators, remedesivir & other lifesaving medical supplies immediately to those who need it.

Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity; a solidarity which is the highest need of humanity.

No matter how small or big the amount is, it counts! Join hands to help India.

Do you need any of the medical help to treat COVID? We are here to help Get in touch here