American Academy of Yoga and Meditation is the world’s largest Yoga aggregator organization that brings the academics including physicians, scientists to users of yoga in one platform to showcase the science and practice of yoga for prevention and treatment of diseases.

On International Yoga Month, AAYM in affiliation with multiple eminent institutions like Herbert Benson Mind Body Institute, The MD Anderson Cancer Centre, VAYU, The University of Memphis, SVYASA, NIMHANS, Kaivalyadhama and multiple other physician organizations including the American Academy of Physicians from India, Federation of Indian Physician Association & Indian Psychiatric Society is pleased to organize the event “INTERNATIONAL YOGACON USA 2021”. 

This event is going to offer a Global Platform to all those who would like to share their knowledge in Yoga and its importance in Health & Wellness and would be graced by many prominent Scientists and Physicians of international acclaim in their respective field and the event will be broadcasted to all the five continents and watched by thousands of people all over the globe. It will be our endeavor to make the world see YOGA and Meditation as HOLISTIC MEDICINE to prevent and cure all modern-day afflictions and diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart ailments and also the current pandemic.

During this International event, we would be also releasing a book titled “The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Cardiovascular Diseases”, written by over 75 authors worldwide, including from the world’s Premier Institutes like Harvard Medical School, Emory University, and PGI, Chandigarh and AIIMS, New Delhi.

AAYM welcomes one and all, join us in this mission, spread the word about this reservoir of knowledge that needs to be explored, understood and propagated.

Reserve your place at “The International YOGA CON JUNE 2021” by registering with us ASAP and take a dip in the Ganges of  knowledge that will be made available to you online.


International Yogacon USA June 2021


5th to 30th June 2021

Program Director:

Prof (Dr). Indranill Basu Ray

What is IYC USA?

International YogaCon USA is a comprehensive Yoga Conference that aims to procure wellness & cultivate positivity in today’s challenging times & help people combat pandemic stress. Not just this, but it is a virtual month-long celebration to mark the “International Yoga Day.”

Date: Starting from 5th June 2021
Fees: Free but registration is mandatory

Key elements of the Conference-

  • First ever global conference organized by AAYM
  • 50 different programs spread over 4 weekends  are distributed into 4 categories as-
    1. Webinars
    2. Yoga sessions
    3. Workshops
    4. Spiritual discourses
  • 90 eminent presenters that include the top Scientists, Physicians, Spiritual Gurus, Yoga therapists, Researchers, Academicians, Celebrities, Sportsmen, and Yoga Schools.
  • Representation from India, USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, Gulf countries, and South America.

Topics of Talk in the Conference-

  • Yoga & Resilience
  • BrahmaKumari
  • Role of Yoga post COVID
  • Yoga & Technology
  • Inclusion of Yoga in Medical Curriculum
  • Yoga in Cardiovascular & other complex diseases
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Yoga in Depression
  • Yoga for Addiction Management

And many more

Although yoga & meditation have been around for centuries, there’s still something we know very little about-
The science behind it!

To help you get acquainted with this lesser-known knowledge & explore the science behind yoga & mediation, American Academy of Yoga & Meditation brings to you ‘International YogaCon USA 2021’.

Register for this international conference where you will discover a plethora of information under the guidance of eminent doctors & researchers from across the globe.

This conference is free to attend but with mandatory prior registration.

Here is the link –

Get ready to discover the science behind yoga & meditation with a number of engaging webinars in the month of June.

American Academy of Yoga & Meditation is bringing to you a virtual & comprehensive conference –
‘International YogaCon USA 2021’

Register yourself to witness this experience with some eminent speakers from all around the world.

Note – The fees for these webinars is simply a free registration.
Registration link:


‘A humble appeal to endure this blissful conference’

Dr. Indranil Basu Ray,

Chairman, AAYM

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