#InternationalYogaDay2018 Why Yoga without Meditation is Meaningless?

Yoga is more than just Physical postures. Deviant versions of yoga bereft of spirituality and meditation can be dangerous and not beneficial at all. Dr Indranill Basu Ray MD The practice of yoga has swept the world with an enthusiasm never seen before. Yoga has achieved the status of a mass cultural phenomena, as shown […]

You don’t need technology to live a long life, yoga will do

I started meditation at the age of six. At that time, sitting for meditation every day meant trying to quieten the millions of thoughts that flooded my mind. Years later, I learned that meditation was much more than sitting down and trying to empty my mind. In fact, the more you try to empty your […]

Forget dyeing your hair! Meditation can help you stay young forever

The concepts of life and death as defined in Eastern philosophy are shown to have an uncanny similarity to some aspects of latest research in medicine. Core concepts of birth and death in Eastern philosophy have centered around the concept of having multiple births and lifetimes, finally leading to transcendence from this recurrent cycle of […]