World’s First Symposium on the role of Yoga and Meditation in the prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases.
“Integrated approach to Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases”


We, Indians, Land of Meditation, and Yoga are honored and immensely pleased to invite you to the first ever International Symposium of Yoga as Medicine: Use of Meditation in Cardiovascular Diseases. This will be the biggest and the most comprehensive meeting ever held on meditation and its use for cardiovascular diseases. It will be held at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), Veerbhadra Marg, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand-249203, India on March 9th, 2019. Please join us for an exciting one-day pop-up yoga and science conference that will bring together the brightest minds of our day, doing scientific research on yoga and meditation’s effects on cellular regeneration, longevity, consciousness, and health. Internationally recognized speakers will describe their own groundbreaking research, demonstrate models that integrate eastern philosophy and western medicine, and provide practical guidance for the use of these techniques in clinical medicine. Billions of dollars are needed to combat these diseases, which are the biggest killers in the world.India, with its restricted resources, is facing an epidemic of diabetes mellitus, which leads to cardiovascular diseases. To mitigate this swelling number of cardiovascular cases with available resources, it is essential to integrate yoga and meditation as a scientific entity, along with modern medicine. This symposium is meant to achieve that end by having didactic sessions for physicians on the use of meditation in treating cardiovascular patients and preventing cardiovascular diseases in high-risk cohorts.

This program will also have a practical workshop for physicians on how to teach meditation in their clinical practices. Herein, the participants will be immersed in the latest science and cutting-edge research on meditation and yoga. Combine this with easy access to the old-world charm and peace of Rishikesh — the Yoga Capital of the world — tucked into the Himalayas, and you are guaranteed a truly unforgettable experience.

We welcome you to this most awaited annual event of the Yoga & Meditational science fraternity.

Indranill & Bhanu

International Symposium of Yoga as Medicine

9th March 2019

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Veerbhadra Marg, Rishikesh,
Uttarkhand-249203, India

Program Directors:

Prof (Dr). Indranill Basu Ray
Prof (Dr). Bhanu Duggal.